A Diaper Checklist !
The following Diaper Checklists will really help you to get organised. The lists have been separated into Cloth and Disposable diaper's categories and we have also included information about changing and diaper-rash! Print a copy of the checklist and mark the items off of your list !

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"Diaper backward spells REPAID - Think about it!!" ~ Quote by Marshall McLuhan

Cloth Diapers
2-4 dozen cloth diapers
4-6 waterproof covers
1 diaper-pail
3 packs disposable baby wipes 
4 - 6 safety pins
1-2 dozen washable liners
1 changing table with waterproof pad
10 plastic pants
1 Diaper-rash ointment 
3 - gallon diaper pail
Travel Tote bag / kit

Disposable diapers
3 packs disposable diapers
3 packs disposable baby wipes 
Safety pins
Vinyl pants
1 Diaper-rash ointment
Disposal system
1 changing table with waterproof pad
Travel Tote bag / kit
A supply of Cloth diapers is also recommended

Diaper changing frequency
Changing frequency will obviously vary but a good guideline is that typical baby uses between 8 - 12 per day. Change baby's diaper's each time he or she wets. The frequency required for diaper change can be used as a good basis to determine the minimum amount of diapers required if there are budget constraints. It is also useful when determining a cloth diaper's washing schedule. The change frequency relates to both cloth and disposable diapers.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers ?
The answer is that you will probably use both types on your baby but will have a preference for either the cloth or the disposable types. Factors to take into consideration when making your decision: 

  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Environmental and chemical issues - disposable diapers 
  • Washing and soaking requirements - schedules and time factor

Types of Cloth Diapers

  • Flat cloth diapers - Least expensive, fits all sizes
  • Pre-folded diapers - Saves time
  • Fitted diapers - Easy to use, requires different sizes
  • All-in-one daipers - Simplest to use, do not require separate covers, requires different sizes

Disposable Diapers

  • Disposable diapers disadvantages - More expensive than cloth, requires different sizes, buying and storage issues, disposal issues
  • Disposable diapers Advantages - Greater convenience, faster to change diaper, saves time and chores

Diapers - How many changes?
Babies will require a change about 7000 times over a 2 year period!

  • Number of diapers per day - Varies between 8 and 12, average about 10 diapers per day
  • Number of diapers over a 2 year period - Approx 7,200 !

Diaper Cost comparison - Cloth -v- Disposable

  • Cloth Costs - Varies according to type and quality of cloth - Approx $150 - $580
  • Disposable Costs - Varies according to type - Approx cost per month $60 - $70 Over a 2 year period approx cost $1550

Cost comparison - Diaper Service
There are various Service companies available in many locations. The usual service offers a weekly pick-up. The diapers are washed, dried and folded. Return Delivery.

  • Diaper Service Costs - Varies but average $120 set-up fee
  • Service Costs - Approx cost per month $60 - $80
  • Service Costs - Over a 2 year period approx cost $1650

Diaper Change
Changing baby. How to change a Diaper? The method of changing is dependent on the type of diaper's used - the easiest and quickest change is by using a disposable.

  • Prepare all items required for the change and clothing change, if required
  • Make sure all items to hand
  • Place baby on changing mat
  • Remove lower clothing
  • Remove soiled diaper
  • Clean baby
  • Apply diaper rash ointment
  • Put diaper on baby
  • Dispose of soiled items

Diaper-Rash - Information
This kind of rash is an extremely common problem but can be distressing as the rash looks so incredibly sore.

  • What is diaper-rash? - It's a reddening of the skin in the diaper-area 
  • What produces the rash? Bacteria which develops in the moist, warm conditions
  • What effect does the bacteria have? Urine and bacteria mix to create ammonia which burns the baby
  • Does the type of diaper's have any effect? No, diaper-rash occurs in both cloth and disposable diapers
  • What causes the rash? The rash may be caused by any number of things such as perfumed soaps, detergents and some citrus fruits

Diaper Rash - Prevention and Treatment
The following routines can be followed to reduce the instances of diaper-rash:

  • Change baby's diaper each time he or she wets
  • Avoid perfumed detergents or fabric softeners in your wash
  • Avoid perfumed soaps
  • Wash your hands after every change to prevent the spread of infection

Diaper Rash - Treatment
The following routines should be followed to treat diaper-rash:

  • Use plain warm water to clean the infant after each change
  • Ensure complete dryness before applying a clean diaper
  • Use stay- dry liners
  • Ensure that the baby is given a couple of hours each day without lower clothing to allow the air to dry the skin and reduce irritation from diapers
  • Apply diaper-rash ointment as per the instructions
  • If the rash persists after period indicated on the diaper-rash ointment instructions consult your doctor or medical professional

Checklists for your New Born Baby !
We have tried to compile a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. We have also added useful information on each category such as the sections on this page relating to Diapers. The checklists have been categorised into the following sections - please click the link of your choice for more useful and non commercial information:

We hope that the information supplied on this page will prove useful in relation to the subject of diapers - without doubt the worst bit about having a baby! And the task most often dreaded by the fathers! We leave you, as we started, with the following quote:

"Diaper backward spells repaid! Think about it." ~ Quote by Marshall McLuhan

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