The Name Game - ( A Superb Game in its own right but it can be added to a list of Baby Shower Games )
This addictive Name Game Quiz is really unusual. It feels just like you are playing a fast game ! It's Great Fun and it's FREE ! You are given fourteen Celebrity Name questions to respond to which vary in level of difficulty. A whole range of questions about a variety of different people, mainly from the celebrity world of entertainment including the movies and music.

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The interactive style is in a multi-choice format, there's no typing you just point and click to the answer of your choice. The Name Game can drive you crazy, it's extremely addictive, so before you reply to a question make sure you are confident of your response. Are you sure? Are you REALLY Sure? If you are not then we give you the opportunity to Change a Question (but only once per session) or you can "Ask the Web". Anyone can play the Name Game and it's a cool substitute for the normal Baby Shower Games ! Have Fun with the unique and addictive quiz - exclusive to our visitors!!

An interactive Names Game Quiz based on Famous Names! It's Free, Friendly, Fun, and Very Addictive! 



A Super Alternative to the usual Baby Shower Games !
This Name Quiz is an exciting alternative to the usual Baby Shower Games ! A quieter addition to your list of different things to do at your Baby Shower. How many Shower Games can you play online ? How many Baby Shower Game's are totally Free ? How many Shower Game's are suitable for all ages - from your kid sister to your aunt and even your grandma ? A Baby Shower provides the opportunity to celebrate the good news and have some fun ! The usual fun doesn't usually offer the opportunity for a free, online, fast paced name based quiz - Try out our innovative, new Name Quiz - we're sure it will be a massive hit with your Baby Shower friends and family members! But remember that Shower Games are not usually addictive - or as much fun ! Your guests will be waiting in line to play such a unique type of online quiz.

Free Online Games !
The World Wide Web provides access to a limited number of free, online games - but how many of these game's are suitable for all ages ? The majority of them are great for kids but not so good for adults. The free online games are therefore not usually considered as an addition to the normal list of Baby Shower Games. The Name Game Quiz is so easy to play that even a total novice to computers can join in. Get your Granny on the Net ! Think how pleased your guests will feel to achieve fame and glory on the Internet ! Play the Name Game - its definitely not like the run of the mill Shower Games ! It doesn't stop there ! If you another, similar game then play the free, online quiz-game called "Trial by Trivia" - its harder than the Name Game but is equally as addictive. Check out the comments made by the winners - every one enjoys the challenge!

Can you survive the Trial By Trivia ? Trivia Quiz Game


An interactive Quiz Game based on Famous Names!
Baby Shower Games addition - It's Free, Friendly, Fun, and Very Addictive!

"A Name isn't just for a Birth Day - it's for Life!"
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