A Baby Furniture Checklist !
The following Checklist will really help you to get organised. Print a copy and check the items off of your checklist ! Other information on this page include sections about Planning for the baby furniture, used furniture, arranging furniture and potential hazards and finally the Feng Shui principles to arranging baby furniture in the nursery.

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A free online resource crammed with advice about compiling
a Baby Furniture checklist for the nursery!

Baby Furniture - Checklist for the Nursery
Crib Mattress 
Changing Table
Bassinet or cradle
High chair 
Infant Swing
Bouncer chair 
Portable play yard
Potty chair 
Rocking Chair
Toy chest or basket
Wall shelves
Waste Paper Basket

Baby Furniture - Sleeping Accessories Checklist
1-2 waterproof mattress pads
3-4 fitted crib sheets
3-4 blankets (cotton thermal)
1 crib bumper pad

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Baby Furniture - Planning for the Baby Furniture
The above checklist is a just a guideline to those items that you might require in a nursery. Evaluate the space that is available in the room that you will use as a nursery and check out the sizes of the larger baby furniture items to ensure that they will fit in an appropriate part of the room. If you have limited space try to ensure that any items of furniture can be of dual purpose, for example, double up a dresser as a changing table and make sure that you take this into consideration when you are making your purchase. Next decide on your budget and take into account any items that might be passed on to you from friends and family. The growth rate of babies is so speedy that many items become redundant without any real wear - the tradition of passing on nursery furniture and clothes is therefore a sensible one - but check out any potential safety hazards detailed in the next section.

Used or second hand baby furniture - potential hazards
The tradition of passing on used furnishings is, as we have already stated, a practical and sensible solution whether you have restrictions due to a limited budget or not. Used baby furniture can be found at thrift stores or in many local garage sales. There are, however, some potential safety hazards that must be taken into consideration.

  • The age of the used furniture. The latest up to date safety inspection procedures and regulations ensure that baby furniture adheres to the highest safety regulations. This is not the case with older furniture.
  • Painted used infant furniture. Not recommended due the possibility of paint or lead poisoning
  • Used infant furniture with loose joints. Not recommended due the possibility of causing an injury.
  • Cribs with bars more than 2 inches apart. Not recommended due the possibility of causing strangulation.

Arranging Baby Furniture in the Nursery - potential hazards
Arranging furnishings also brings with it some potential safety hazards:

  • Heaters. Do not place portable heaters near the crib
  • Windows. Do not place a crib next to a window that has blinds and therefore cords once again the possibility of strangulation must be considered
  • Loose objects such as lamps, plants or ornaments. Do not place a crib near any objects that the baby could pull on top of him.
  • Shelves. Do not place a crib under shelves - once again loose objects could fall on her

Arranging Baby Furniture in the Nursery - Feng Shui
Many people are interested in and how they can arrange baby furniture in the nursery according to these old Eastern principles. Feng shui is all about living in harmony with nature and the universe. By incorporating the principles of Feng shui into the nursery you can provide a peaceful but yet energizing room.

  • Cleaning Baby Furniture - Ensure a thorough cleansing routine is adopted
  • Playroom Colors. Western decorating trends and baby furniture colors currently favor the bright principle colors such as bright red and bright blue - these are believed to stimulate and would be appropriate for a playroom but would not be deemed suitable for a nursery.
  • Baby Furniture Nursery Colors. Pastel shades are believed to encourage serenity and rest. Choose furniture wherever possible in these light shades
  • Soft lighting assists in creating a peaceful room
  • Soothing music also assists in creating a peaceful room
  • Baby Furniture - the crib. Do not place under a window or in direct line with the door
  • Water features. Do not place any water features in a nursery
  • Plants. Plants will stimulate a flow of beneficial chi energy in the room. But remember that this could be a potential hazard so don't place a crib near any objects that the babe could pull on top of him.  

Checklists for New Born Babies !
We have tried to compile a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. We have also added useful information on each category such as the sections on this page relating to baby furniture. The newborn checklist, or layette checklists, have been categorised into the following sections - please click the link of your choice for more useful and non-commercial information:


Baby Furniture

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