Baby Clothes - What exactly is a Layette ? Where does the word ' layette ' originate ?
One of the first thoughts that come to mind regarding baby checklists is the baby layette checklist. Many people think that a layette relates just to the baby's clothes. The meaning of a layette encompasses a complete outfit of clothing and equipment for a newborn infant. The word layette comes from the French word layette, a diminutive of laye box, from Middle Dutch ' lade ' which is akin to the Old English or Old High German word ' hladan ' meaning to load.

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So there you have it ! Get ready to load a box with newborn baby's clothing and equipment and get together your new born baby's layette - using the Baby Layette Checklist !

A free online resource crammed with advice about baby clothes including designer and unique

A Baby Clothes Checklist !
The following Baby Clothes Checklist will really help you to get organised. Print a copy and check the items off of your checklist ! 

6-8 undershirts / vests
2-4 receiving blankets
1-2 double receiving blankets
4-6 sleepers
1-2 sweaters
1-2 shawl or cotton blanket
1-2 pairs booties
1-2 caps
4-6 pairs socks
1-2 pairs scratch mittens
1-2 Side-snap tees
1-2 Bodysuits
2-4 Rompers 
2-4 Bibs
6-8 Hangers 
1 Dozen Cloth Diapers - see Diaper section

Click the following link for a comprehensive list of ideas for New Baby Gifts.

A set of Checklists for New Born baby's will help you with two important things:

  • Preparing for the birth
  • And preparing for bank balance damage limitation !

The varied set of checklists will help you to achieve both of these major aims !

Checklists for New Born Babies !
We have tried to compile a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. We have also added useful information on each category such as the sections on this page relating to Baby Clothes. The checklists have been categorised into the following sections - please click the link of your choice for more useful and non commercial information:

Baby Clothes - Size Chart
Babies grow at an alarming rate and the following chart provides guidelines on clothes and sizes. New parents are generally inundated with clothes for new born babies but these are usually outgrown in the matter of a few weeks. Top Tip for clothes - Specify some different sizes to kind friends and family who wish to buy a clothes gift! The size chart below is a perfect illustration of this potential problem. Prepare for the Baby Shower and ensure that you have a variety of sizes lasting through the baby's first year !

Clothes Sizes for Layette

Newborn / Small 18-23 in8-12 lbs0-3 months
Medium 23-25 in12-18 lbs3-6 months
Large25-27 in19-21 lbs6-9 months
Extra Large27-29 in21-23 lbs9-12months

Designer Baby Clothes
Parents are naturally proud of their new addition to the family and the baby's clothes are important. Many parents have an interest in Designer baby clothes. If your friends are family also wish to purchase any baby designer clothes it is wise to remember the alarming growth rates in the baby's first year. The appeal of Designer clothes is that, although they are not totally unique, they are by nature very unusual. Baby Designer Clothes are great for special family functions and, of course, for any professional family portraits or photographs. Top Tips - Use Designer baby clothes sparingly and remember that Designer clothes should be purchased in a variety of different sizes to last the whole of the first year.

Unique Baby Clothes
If it's unique baby clothes that you are searching for then look to your family! The art of knitting and crochet has not yet died and these would certainly provide you with unique clothes! The unique nature of these clothes will provide you with various options:

  • Funky Colors for baby Clothes - Choose from a range of funky colors and break out of the traditional pink, blue and lemon!
  • Funky Designs for Baby Clothes - Choose from the vast variety of unique funky patterns that are available
  • Organic Materials for Baby Clothes - You can choose and ensure that they are completely organic if this is your preference

Go one step further - learn to make unique baby clothes yourself. Delight an aunt or grandma with your request and don't allow the old traditions to die out!


Baby Clothes

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