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If you have searched for 'English baby names' then "Congratulations" must be in order and our section on Pregnancy Stages might prove helpful. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby, a member of the family or a close friend you are sharing in a major life event and taking a serious interest in choosing a special baby name from one of the many that are available.

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English Baby Names!
See below for the complete selection of nearly 1500 English Babynames to choose from! Still unsure? Then check out over 50,000 others available including Scottish, Welsh, Irish and American via the Index. We have also included sections on Popular, Unique, Unusual, Cool, Exotic and even Shakespearean names.  

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Info requested by our visitors
In their search for an English baby name people become interested in researching their own surname or family name and First Name. We have therefore included this information to meet the requests of our visitors.

The Importance of First Names!
We respond to our name throughout our lives. People associate us with our firstname, it forms part of our identity. They help to distinguish us from one to another. Other people gain immediate and sometimes totally subconscious views of people, just from hearing a name they can therefore give us a distinct advantage in life, or conversely, a disadvantage! The choice of an English Baby name is, therefore, incredibly important. And those of us who choose a baby's name are taking on a responsible task!

The meanings of English baby names 
Meaning of a name is only really important to the person that they belong to! They are not actually interesting to anyone else! To give credence to this statement ask yourself the following questions...

  • Do I know the name meanings of my parents?
  • Do I know the name meanings of my partner?

The answer for the vast majority of people will be a resounding "No!". They are, however, interesting when trying to decide upon a name for a newborn baby. If you are undecided perhaps the meaning of an English baby name would help you make a final decision.

The Origins of English baby names 
The origins of these include those associated with places, mythology and history, origins from colours, plants and other types of nature, Fictional origins, historical origins, characteristic and religious origins. We then move on to the type of English baby name which can be classed as Descriptive, Place, Speciality and finally unique (or created names).

Questions about English baby names!
At one time or another most of us have posed some the following questions about our own name...

  • What does my name mean? 
  • Why did my parents choose the name?
  • Are there any strong family connections to my name?
  • Where did my name originate?
  • Why was I given such a popular baby name?
  • Why was I given such an unusual baby name?

What English baby name shall I give to my baby?
Will the English baby name suit my baby? Should it be traditional, unusual, unique, exotic, popular or cool? Will it be suitable throughout all life phases ( "A Name isn't just for a birthday - it's for life!"). Will it be appropriate throughout a full life cycle starting with baby - toddler - school child - teenager - young adults - parents - middle age - retirement and ending with old age. Will it suit a pensioner as well as a baby? Will the schoolchild be teased mercilessly about a name? What will your baby think of your choice?

Help is at hand when making a choice from English baby names!
The various sections included in www. babynames. org. uk accessed via the Site Map will provide answers to all of your questions regarding the choice of first names. And our exclusive Name Evaluator will help you avoid any of the many pitfalls!

English Surnames

English Surnames - Info requested by our visitors 
In their search for English baby names people become interested in their own surname or family name. We have therefore included this information to meet the requests of our visitors.

Spellings of English surnames - Take Shakespeare!
English names date back many hundreds of years. Many of our English ancestors would have been illiterate! How were names recorded in the past? Many administrators spelled them incorrectly - so many official documents have resulted in different name spellings leading to minefield when researching English names! This can be illustrated by looking at a name that is known throughout the World - William Shakespeare. The name Shakespeare was spelt in an astonishing variety of ways including Shakspere, Shakespere, Shakkespere, Shaxpere, Shakstaff, Sakspere, Shagspere, Shakeshafte and even Chacsper. The name of William Shakespeare's father, John Shakespeare, occurs 166 times in the Council Book of the Stratford corporation, and appears to take 16 different forms! Our thanks go to www.william-shakespeare.info for this information. The confusion in relation to the spellings, or mis-spellings, of surnames account for the many derivatives of one particular English name.

Meanings & Origins of English Surnames
Meanings of English surnames are derived from ideas conveyed by something, such as a word, action, gesture, or situation. Whereas origins of English surnames are the point at which they originate, their inception, source or root. English Surnames are derived from several main categories:

  • Those meanings or origins that relate to a place
  • Those that are adopted or transferred
  • Those meanings or origins that describe a profession, trade or status
  • Those meanings or origins that are connected to Nationalities
  • Those meanings or origins that are descriptive reflecting a physical or characteristic attribute or have been derived from nicknames

Perfect examples of descriptive English Surname origins
Most people are familiar with the old English legend of Robin Hood and the many characters featured in this well know story. Here's a reminder of some of them:

Robin HoodDescriptive category from 'Robin in the hood'
Little JohnDescriptive category describing a physical characteristic
Maid MarionDescriptive category describing a characteristic i.e. Maid
Alan a DaleFirst name combined with a place name
Friar TuckReflecting a status i.e. Friar
Much the Miller's sonFamily name combined with a trade title within a profession
Will ScarletDescriptive category

English Place Surnames (Toponymic - derived from a place or a region)

  • The most common English surname origins are derived from actual places. People were given surnames that indicated a specific place or region such as London, Ireland, England, Eaton, York or Washington.
  • Another type of English place name described an actual residence, location or workplace such as Hall, Smith, Heath, Bridges, Brook, Castle or Woods

English names relating to Trades, Professions or status
Surnames are often derived from Trades, Craftsmen, Professions or Official and other forms of status were legion but many of their origins have been lost in time. Here are some examples of common surnames and their often forgotten origins:

ArcherA professional ArcherGardnerA gardener
BaileyA bailiffHooperFitted hoops on barrels
CarterA cart makerKelloggA killer of hogs
CarverA sculptorMachinA stone worker
ChaplinA chaplainNaylorA nail maker
ChandlerA candle makerProctorA steward
CooperA barrel makerRedmanA thatcher (reed man)
DayA dairy workerSawyerA wood sawer
FletcherAn arrow makerTrinder  A wheel maker
FrobisherPolished armour and swordsWardA watchman

Descriptive English names
English surnames are often derived from physical or characteristic attributes. The origins of many of these descriptive categories have also been lost over the years:

ArmstrongA strong arm
BrownA brown haired man
CrippenCurly hair
GrantA tall man
MooreDark complexion like a Moor
RussellA red haired man
ShakespeareA soldier, who carried, or shook, a spear
TurnbullA strong man

English family connections!
Surnames are often come from family connections such as Johnson (John's son) Robertson and even Nixon (Nick's son). Similar types in this category are British Celtic names beginning with Mc, Mac or Fitz such as McDonald or Fitzpatrick. There were also the first names such as William, Phillip, Edward, and Hugh which were changed to the surnames Williams, Phillips, Edwards, and Hughes. ( From, for example, William's son or Edward's son). Adopting such names was extremely important as they provided permanent proof of verifiable ties of English blood, family and kin. Therefore the history connected to a powerful English ancestor could be passed down the generations.

Want to know more?
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