A Personal Ancestry File! 
The whole process of conducting Genealogy research can be quite complicated and time consuming. But the rewards are outstanding! The best advice that we can offer is to to formulate an action plan and develop a Personal Ancestry File. A Personal Ancestry File is a real help in keeping all of your family information together. This will enable you to become organised and able to focus on the information you need to find out about.

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To assist you in this task we have developed not only a free, printable Genealogy Research Checklist but also a totally free Personal Ancestry File.

A free online resource crammed with advice about creating a Personal Ancestry File...

Free & Instant
Personalised Personal Ancestry File

Personalised Personal Ancestry File - Instant and Completely Free
We are delighted to provide our visitors with an Instant and totally free personalised Personal Ancestry File. Just click the following link and complete any details you wish to include and print the Personal Ancestry File! What a great way to get started in searching for your ancestors! It will make your Genealogy Research a happy and fulfilling experience! 

Personal Ancestry File! 
The content of a Personal Ancestry File contains the following sections:

  • Family Heading Page
  • Genealogy Research Checklist
  • Important Family Names (Correct spelling: Foreign Spellings)
  • Key Family Dates 
  • Place of Origin
  • Family History Notes
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Personal Profile pages
  • Useful Internet Links
  • The Tudor Alphabet
  • Glossary of Genealogical Terms

Personal Ancestry File - achieving your goal
The Personal Ancestry File will assist you in achieving your ultimate objective of building your Family Tree. The Family Tree will of course, take pride of place within your Personal Ancestry File! 

Personal Ancestry File - Our best wishes for your success
We know how important your challenge is! Your Personal Ancestry File will become a prized possession in your family and in will, in its turn, become a family heirloom in its own right!. The content of the Personal Ancestry File is not limited to the contents we have suggested above. You can build this wonderful document to any size that you wish. We are very keen on the whole family becoming involved in this project and a lovely idea for inclusion in the Personal Ancestry File is a Personal Profile Page for each member of the family. The type of information that this could include would make fascinating reading for the next generations to come!

Personal Profile Pages
Personal Profile pages can be completed by all members of your family. We have designed Personal Profiles in an informal style which, when completed, will be highly informative and fun! Complete a Personal Profile page and imagine how your great, great, grandchild might feel when they read it. After all you will then be the ancestor! It is important to remember this often forgotten fact! Your Personal Ancestry File will be read with avid interest by the future members of your family. Make it interesting for them! 

Personal Ancestry File - Without doubt a Success for the Future!
At this stage of your research into the Genealogy of your family you will be aware that this is not an easy task! Whether you manage to trace all of your ancestors, or not, your descendants will be grateful that you have taken the considerable trouble to compile a Personal Ancestry File! Undertaking this challenge is therefore guaranteed to be a success!

Our Best Wishes!
May we extend to you our very best wishes when following the Genealogy Trail! Please let us know of your experiences and share them with our other visitors via the Genealogy Forum!


Personal Ancestry File

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