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The Importance of First Names!
Some Native Americans have two names, one of which is never made public because of the power it would give another person over them. The Ojibway Indians of North America once considered it dangerous to speak the name of their own husbands and wives.

Traditional Languages and Culture
Navajo is the most widely spoken followed by Cherokee. This language is spoken by over 225,000 people. There are approximately 175 different languages and dialects but most of theses are only spoken by a few people. We have included some interesting information regarding the importance of family and such cultural traditions such as the Totem Pole to the Native Americans. 

Native American people were once referred to as Indians
At the time of Christopher Columbus Native American people were referred to as Indians. This term was used because it was believed that South and North America were connected to the East Indies. 

Cultural areas of the people
The culture of the Native American people dates back to pre-historic times. The different cultures of are divided into several main regions: Plains, Plateau, Northern, Southwest, Northern Coast and Eastern Woodlands.

The importance of Genealogy
Family and ancestors have always been of major importance to the Native American. The history of each family would be passed down from one generation to another and would include details of the good deeds, important events, and honours of the family. The totem pole played an important role in this tradition.

The tradition of the Totem Pole and the North Coast Native American
Family history was visually displayed outside the home of every North Coast Native American via a Totem Pole. The Totem Pole would immediately illustrate the importance and history of each family. Totem poles were made of logs which were carved with various symbols including animals, birds, and religious spirits. The North Coast Native American Family Tree was, literally, exactly that.

The Origins and Native American naming traditions
The origins of these include place names, those related to mythology and history, origins from colours, plants and other types of nature, Fictional origins, historical origins, characteristic and religious origins. We then move on to the genre which can be classed as Descriptive, Place, Speciality and finally unique (or created name's)

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Native American Baby Names

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