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If you have searched for 'Celebrity Baby Name' then "Congratulations" might be in order. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby, a member of the family or a close friend you are sharing in a major life event and taking a serious interest in choosing a special baby name from one of the thousands of baby names that are available. Or you might just be curious about the rich and famous celebrities from the World of Entertainment !

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This site obviously caters for new or expecting parents but we hope that the information supplied will be of interest whatever prompted your search! Check out the Name Meanings and the Names Dictionary Sections!

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Dictionary Definition of 'Celebrity'
A person of distinction or renown - Synonyms: hero, luminary, name, notable, personage

Searching for a Celebrity Baby Name
The definition clarifies the mind when searching for a name that can be described as belonging to a famous person. People searching for a Celebrity Baby name for both boys and girls are searching for something that represents someone that they admire. The famous, notable person can come from various walks of life including Royalty, Movie stars, Sports stars, Television stars and Pop stars. Many celebrity names are unique or extremely unusual, possibly reflecting the unique and unusual lifestyles that they lead. The children of celebrities have this in common. There is a more immediate acceptance of exotic names within Celebrity's circles.

The Reasons why more people are looking for Celebrity Baby Names
There is a definite trend towards people choosing the same name as that chosen by one of the many famous celebrities. There is a huge amount of publicity targeted towards celebrities and their babies. The pregnancies are closely followed and the press compete for exclusive pictures and stories. The baby name that a given member of Royalty, Movie star, Sports star, Television star and Pop star has chosen makes an important news story. Because of the inordinate amount of publicity that such a person now receives we feel that we know the person. Our interest in the birth of celebrity's babies equal that of our own families! The difference is that we admire celebrities. This could be because of their talent, their lifestyle or their money! A celebrity name receives immediate acceptance, no matter how outlandish the choice may be...

The pitfalls of choosing Celebrity Baby Names
Remember that you are taking full responsibility for creating an important factor in your baby's identity.

  • Selecting a name from the category of a ' Celebrity Baby Name' runs the risk of being faddish and associated with a particular person and a particular period in time
  • This particular category of name is prone to become fashionable and this type of name can therefore 'date' a person. Any name that is the height of fashion is likely to go out of fashion within fifteen years. An example of this for a girl would be Maud and for a boy Cecil
  • A Celebrity baby name will be forever associated with a particular person. What happens if the reputation of the celebrity is damaged?
  • What happens if the celebrity is only famous for a short period of time?
  • Will the Celebrity baby name that you have chosen suit a pensioner as well as a baby? Will the schoolchild be teased mercilessly? And what will your baby think of your choice? Will they thank you for constantly having to repeat and spell their name to people for the rest of their lives? 
  • Studies undertaken by eminent psychologists suggest that people who have highly unusual or exotic names, considered odd by those around them, can experience great difficulties in their normal social relationships.
  • What if your baby does not grow up sharing the enthusiasm you have for a celebrity?

On the positive side many celebrity baby names are absolutely brilliant! They are immediately accepted as 'cool'. And celebrity baby names are often very unusual.

The choice is yours!
We hope that we have provided you a balanced view of the pleasure and the pitfalls of choosing Celebrity Baby Names. To assist you further we have developed a Name Evaluator - an essential aid when considering Celebrity Baby Names.

A Selection of Celebrity Baby Names
The following selection of celebrity names, taken from various generations, illustrate they types of names chosen by Royalty, Movie celebrity stars, Sports celebrity stars, Television celebrity stars and Pop celebrity stars. Glancing through the list of celebrity names is interesting as they reflect many name categories including unique names, unusual names, exotic names, family names and even amongst celebrities there are some traditional names. This selection of names provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the names chosen by celebrities!

A Selection for a Celebrity Baby Name
Can you identify any celebrity baby names that are faddish and are, or will become, out dated?

Celebrity ParentsCelebrity Baby / Child name
Victoria Adams (Posh Spice)/David Beckham
Isabelle Adjani/Daniel Day-Lewis
Pamela Anderson/Tommy Lee
Ursula Andress/Harry Hamlin
Prince Andrew/Sarah Ferguson
Princess Anne/Mark Phillips
Kim Basinger/Alec Baldwin
Annette Bening/Warren Beatty
Tony Bennett
Tony Blair/Cherie Blair
Michael Bolton
Sonny Bono/Cher
Bjorn Borg
Barry Bostwick
David Bowie (singer)/Angela Barnett
Marlon Brando (actor)  

Beau Bridges
Jeff Bridges
Tom Brokaw
Bobby Brown/Whitney Houston
James Brown
Melanie Brown (Scary Spice)/Jimmy Gulzar
LeVar Burton
David Byrne
Gabriel Byrne/Ellen Barkin
Brooklyn and Romeo
Brandon Thomas, Dylan Jagger 
Beatrice Elizabeth Mary, Eugenie Victoria Helena 
Peter, Zara
Ireland, Eliesse 
Kathlyn Elizabeth Bening , Benjamin , Isabel 
D’Andrea (son, Danny), Daegal, Joanna, Antonia 
Sindri (son) 
Euan, Nicky, Kathryn, Leo
Isa, Holly, Taryn 
Chastity Sun
Robin (son) 
Bryan, Chelsea 
Zowie Duncan Heywood /Joey
Rebecca, Simon Tehotu, Tarita Cheyenne, Christian Devi, Miko, Maya, Ninna Priscilla 
Casey, Dylan, Emily, Jordan, Ezekiel 
Isabelle, Jessica, Hayley Rose 
Jennifer, Andrea, Sarah 
Bobbi Kristina 
Deanna, Terry, Daryl, Venisha, Yamma 
Phoenix Chi
Malu Valentine 
Romy Marion, Jack Daniel
ParentsChild name

Celebrity Baby Names

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