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This site contains free information about Family History. If you are interested in the meaning and origins of surnames and the subject of tracing a Family's Tree or Genealogy then we hope that our free advice and information will be of help. Before developing this website we conducted research into what information people really wanted.

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It quickly became apparent from the survey that more and more people were interested in the Origins of Names and more important a real interest in conducting a Family Search and researching family history - the area of Genealogy. People also wanted to know about First Names and Surnames - all part of the same subject - researching Family History.

Old World Family Names
In the last two centuries the World has seen a huge change in the density of populations. Many people moved from the ' Old ' country to a new country in the hope of improving their lives. We now have people who live in all four corners of the World whose family origins and ancestors were in the Old World. The interest in Genealogy and tracing family trees and researching into family names has escalated during the last decade and people want their children to remember their roots. What better way to do this than to choose a baby name from their past ! We have therefore included lots of information about First name in our section entitled World of Baby Names! These include Japanese, Irish, English, Russian, Jewish, Scottish, Chinese and Greek First names and surnames.

Meanings and Origins of First and Middle Family Name 
These sections are are great information resource for anyone interested in research into Family History. How increases in population, travel and different cultures influenced the customs of naming children. Origins and meanings are explained - place name origins, origins in mythology and history, origins from colours, plants and other types of nature. Fictional origins, historical origins and characteristic origins relating to virtues such as Patience and Mercy. We then move on to first name origins and meanings which can be classed as Descriptive, Place, Speciality, Nationalities and finally unique (or created family names). 

This section covers the introduction of surnames and surname history. The meanings and origins of surnames. Status, trades and professions associated with surnames and examples of those used in Modern days. Surnames with Family connections. The significance of family names such as Johnson and Robertson.  The importance and significance of names prefixed by Mc, Mac or Fitz or the Gaelic O' which immediately identify significant family's ties and the heritage of a specific nationality such as Irish or Scottish. Categories within this section include information about Irish surnames, Scottish Surnames, Welsh Surnames, English surnames, Celtic, Gaelic, American surnames and transferred or adopted surnames and African - American surnames. All of these are highly significant to those interested in researching the absorbing topic of researching a families history.

Genealogy and Family Names 
Genealogy - The study or investigation of ancestry and a family's history. Search Guidelines and information and advice are included. The essential information required before a search can begin, the importance of understanding the meaning and origins, family history, warnings of potential pitfalls associated with correct spellings of a name, confusion due to changes in the alphabet and the effect of voluntary and forced immigration. And finally lots of useful research information into Genealogy.

Family Search 
All of the above information can be accessed by clicking the following links which are 100% relevant to Family Names. We hope that our information will help with your interest in genealogy, a family's trees and crests, meanings and origins and assist you in searching for your ancestry and family's history. We would be delighted to hear about your stories relating to this great hobby!

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