Pregnancy Symptoms by Week

Pregnancy Symptoms by Week and Trimesters
This free online resource details Pregnancy Symptoms by Week and Trimesters. Not surprisingly, a pregnant woman has lots of pregnancy questions and many of the major questions relate to what types of changes can be expected and a chart detailing pregnancy symptoms by week can certainly add reassurance to a pregnant women.

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This pages answers questions about typical weight gain that can be expected throughout a pregnancy and the type of pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness, heartburn, gas, cramps, bloating and swollen ankles etc. which can emerge as pregnancy symptoms week by week.

A free, online resource for women who are Pregnancy Symptoms by Week

Pregnancy Symptoms by Week - Day by Day and Week by Week Guide
Our useful information guide in our Pregnancy Week by Week section can be used to help you understand the changes in your body and to your baby. There are more detailed facts, information and helpful tips about Pregnancy Symptoms by Week and what can be expected day by day - an informative countdown for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Week - Trimesters - What exactly are trimesters?
Every pregnancy is divided into three time periods, or trimesters, which are each about three months in duration and called the first, second, and third trimesters. Different symptoms can occur during these time periods.


First TrimesterConception to 12 weeks
Second TrimesterWeek 13 - Week 28
Third TrimesterWeek 29 - Birth of Baby


Pregnancy Symptoms come and go and following information provides an overview of the possible pregnancy symptoms which may be experienced during the period of each of the trimesters.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks - First Trimester Pregnancy symptoms
First Trimester Pregnancy symptoms. There are various symptoms associated with the weeks during the first trimester and unfortunately approximately 70% of all pregnant women suffer from morning sickness or feelings of nausea at this time. Other symptoms during this early stage of pregnancy include fatigue, swollen breasts, darkening of areolas (the skin around the nipples), headache, backache and frequent urination. Cravings for unusual food can also occur during the early stages. The period of the first trimester carries the highest risk of miscarriage.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks - Second Trimester Pregnancy symptoms
Second Trimester Pregnancy symptoms. Many of the early symptoms of pregnancy will have subsided by this stage and the morning sickness or feelings of nausea would have eased off. This is the time when you will have a feeling of well-being. However, some symptoms are reported during the Second trimester which include heartburn, backache, constipation, piles, leg cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions. The pregnant woman's belly is usually very upright during this stage of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks - Third Trimester Pregnancy symptoms
From the beginning of the third trimester the baby is able to survive, with or without medical help, outside of the womb. The most weight gain will be made during this trimester and the baby can gain up to 28g per day. The shape of your belly changes as the belly drops due to the baby turning in a downward position ready for birth. Your belly will drop down quite low and you will be able to lift your belly up and down! Symptoms during this period of your pregnancy include the navel sometimes becoming convex and "popping" out due to the expanding abdomen. Other symptoms include weak bladder control, heartburn and back-ache.

Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week
Discover at a glance possible Pregnancy Symptoms Week by Week:


Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks
Symptoms and Weeks in the First Trimester - Conception to 12 weeks
Early Pregnancy Symptoms - under 4 weeks
Oestrogen & progesterone levels increase to prepare your body for pregnancy
On a 28 day cycle, you should note an absence of your menstrual cycle today
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 4
Easily Tired
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 5
Early morning sickness and easily tired Breast changes and frequent urination
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 6
Fatigue. Make sure you get your rest and sleep
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 7
Morning sickness and Nausea. Possibility of Migraine headaches
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 8
Certain smells can make you feel queasy.
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 9
Your skin might begin to break out in spots. Darkening of areolas (the skin around the nipples)
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 10
Your clothes beginning to feel tight. Backache can occur
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 11
A dark line of pigmentation running down from your naval may appear. You may start to experience frequent urination
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 12
Morning sickness can often ease at this point. You become forgetful!
Weight Gain in the First Trimester
Pregnancy Weight gain - generally, most women gain 2-5 pounds in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.
Symptoms and Weeks in the Second Trimester - Weeks 13 - 28
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 13
Dry skin often occurs
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 14
Movement, or "quickening", can occur as early as this week. Headaches are common, but if severe see your doctor. Aches and twinges
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 15
Morning sickness often disappears at this time. Itching is common in pregnancy
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 16
Pregnancy hormones are kicking in - beware mood swings! Food cravings can really kick in at this time! Changes in vision can occur
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 17
You will start to notice your baby’s movements. Feeling hot is a common side effect of pregnancy. Low blood sugar can result in dizziness.
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 18
There are often changes to your skin and hair during pregnancy. You might suffer with constipation.
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 19
Make sure you rest – sleeplessness is common in pregnancy. Heartburn can become a common problem.
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 20
Your belly button may pop out as your uterus presses upwards
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 21
Backache is more common. Mood swings tend to ease
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 22
Your heart rate increases during this week of pregnancy. Indigestion are common in pregnancy
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 23
Piles, or haemorrhoids, commonly occur during pregnancy
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 24
It may be a few more weeks before someone else can feel your baby move
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 25
Braxton Hicks contractions can occur. These are a tightening of the uterine muscles for one to two hours. Stretch marks can appear but usually fade after the birth
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 26
Use additional pillows to support your legs and your growing tummy!
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 27
Swollen ankles, feet and fingers are common at this stage in pregnancy. This is the time when you will really gain weight 
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 28
Leg cramps become common at this stage.
Symptoms and Weeks in the Third Trimester - Week 29 to Birth of Baby
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 29
Light headed spells referred to as the 'spins'.
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 30
Your point of gravity continues to change. Good posture will help to reduce the strain
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 31
Increased instances of pregnancy symptoms may occur such as heartburn and leg cramps
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 33
Labour that starts before 37 weeks is considered premature
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 34
Your body is getting ready and you may experience more contractions
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 35
Pelvic girdle pain or hip pain accompanied with back pain is very common. Frequent urination or heartburn. You gain weight at a slightly faster rate
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 36
For some women, walking becomes difficult
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 37
Your body will now start preparing for labor and this is done by dilation of the cervix.
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 38
Possible symptoms – small ‘show’ of blood and strong 'nesting' instinct
Pregnancy Symptoms Week 39
Possible symptoms - loose stools and loss of weight. Less than 10% of women's water breaks before the onset of birthing.
Only about 4% of women will actually give birth on their due date
Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks


Pregnancy Symptoms by Week
The contents of this section provides facts, definitions and helpful information about Pregnancy Symptoms by Week. The start, the various signs and symptoms and development phases.

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Pregnancy Symptoms by Week is for information purposes
Discover how your body is adapting and how your baby is growing and developing via the information found on this page. Every pregnancy is different and the above information about the day by day changes experienced by a woman who is Pregnancy Symptoms by Week is therefore generalised to act as a guideline for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment please consult your doctor.

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Pregnancy Symptoms by Week

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