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Surveys about naming a baby boy or girl established that the information required included classic, unusual, unique, exotic divided into a list of girl and boy names. Many people requested boy or girl name meanings and origins and were interested in ascertaining the most popular boy or girl names and how these have changed through the course of time.

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Many visitors requested that each boy and girl name section was accessible on one page - others requested a Indian Baby Names Dictionary. Name searches also included requests for the top names for boys and girls.

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Laabha - profit 
Laalamani - ruby 
Laasya - name of a dance 
Labangalata - a flowering creeper 
Laboni - grace 
Lajja - modesty 
Lajjawati - a sensitive plant; modest woman 
Lajwanti - a sensitive woman
Lajwati - modest 
Laksha - white rose 
Lakshana - one with auspicious signs on her; Duryodhana's daughter 
Lakshmi - goddess of wealth 
Lakshmishree - fortunate 
Lakshya - aim; destination 
Lalan - nurturing 
Lalana - a beautiful woman 
Lali - darling girl 
Lalima - redness 
Lalita - elegant; beautiful
Lalitamohana - attractive; beautiful 
Lalitha - elegant; beautiful 
Lata - creeper; vine 
Latakara - mass of creepers 
Latangi - a creeper 
Latha - a creeper 
Latika - small creeper 
Lavali - clove 
Lavanya - grace 
Leela - divine play 
Leelamayee - playful 
Leelavati - playful; goddess Durga 
Leena - devoted 
Lekha - writing 
Lekha - writing; picture 
Lily - a flower 
Lipi - script 
Lipika - short letter 
Lochan - eye; eyes
Lochana - eye; eyes 
Lola - Goddess Lakshmi 
Lona - beauty; pretty 
Lopa - wife of sage 
Lopamudra - wife of sage Agastya
Lagan - appropriate time
Lakshman - prosperous; brother of Rama 
Lakshmibanta - fortunate 
Lakshmidhar - Lord Vishnu
Lakshmigopal - Lord vishnu 
Lakshmikanta - Lord Vishnu 
Lalit - beautiful 
Lalitaditya - beautiful sun 
Lalitchandra - beautiful moon 
Lalitkishore - beautiful 
Lalitkumar - beautiful
Lalitmohan - beautiful and attractive 
Lalitmohan - beautiful 
Lambodar - Lord Ganesh
Lankesh - Ravana 
Latafat - elegance
Latif - elegant 
Lav - son of Lord Rama
Lochan - the eye 
Lohitaksha - Lord Vishnu
Lokesh - Lord Brahma 
Loknath - lord of all worlds 
Lokprakash - light of the world 
Lokranjan - Lord Vishnu

Indian Baby Names Dictionary

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