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This page is crammed with information about Black baby names with the origins of Black first name derivatives and surnames. We have provided a selection of nearly 1,000 Black Baby Names for boys and girls to choose from! Still unsure? Then check out over 50,000 other names available via the Index.

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Black Baby Names Dictionary
Black Baby Names Dictionary

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American Black Baby Names for Girls
American Black Baby Names for Girls have origins in many languages including French, Latin, English and African. Many black baby names for girls have the popular prefix of 'La' or 'Le' ( Latoya, Lashawn, Latrice etc) and also 'Da' and 'De' (Denelle, Danisha etc) Names like Tanisha (meaning the name of a day indicating birth on a Monday) originate in Africa from the Hausa language. Other African languages include Zulu, Swahili, Igbo and Yoruba.

Black Baby Names for Boys
Black Baby Names for Boys also have origins in many languages including French, Latin, English and the various languages which originated in Africa. Many Black Baby Names for Boys have have connections to Greek and Classical literature, the bible or reflect noble positions such as Earl, Prince or Duke. There are also those with the prefix of 'La' as is Lamarr or DaJon. There is also a trend to make unusual use of hyphens in naming boys, capital letters and apostrophes such as D'marreio or D'Sean and Le-Vaughn.

Black Baby Names - The Leaders in creating new name's
Society is much less formal than it used to be. We use First names more often than surnames now and these have become increasingly important in terms of a person's identity. Unusual spellings are becoming totally acceptable in our society. The emergence of the Internet and Mobile phones has lead to the creation and total acceptance of new spellings which have given us a whole new modern dictionary. Modern Black baby names which originate in the US are the leaders in adopting such changes in name's.


Black Baby Names - Info requested by our visitors 
In their search for Black Baby Name's people become interested in researching their own surname or family names and First Name. We have therefore included this information to meet the requests of our visitors.

Black Genealogy
Ancestors who originated in Africa had no choice in their lives due to the practice of buying and selling people into slavery. Between the years 1650 and 1900 it is estimated that 28 million Africans were forcibly moved from Africa to America as slaves. One of the most famous books relating to the forced slavery of one of these forced immigrants in America was ' Roots ' by Alex Haley. According to research into genealogy compiled by Alex Haley his ancestor was a man called Kunta Kinte who came from the Gambian town of Jufferee. A vital element in the story of Kunta Kinte is that he desperately wanted to keep his own name rather than take on the adopted name of his owner. Name changes obviously make investigations into family genealogy difficult but this is certainly not an impossible task.

Black Baby Names - Origins
Like many of our immigrant ancestors, surnames which originated in Africa were changed to Western ones. Those given were often biblical ones (conversion to Christianity was of major importance) or classical types such as Plato and Homer (these were given to illustrate classical knowledge). Research indicates, however, that slave owners did not often give slave children their first names so many which originated in Africa were still used. 

Black Baby Names
The interest in tracing family roots and history together with many people converting to Islam, the traditional religion of many of the nations in Africa, has led to many Black Americans to adopt traditional African or Muslim names. Please click the appropriate links to view those from Africa or the Muslim selection.


Black Baby Names

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