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Surveys about naming a baby boy or girl established that the information required included classic, unusual, unique, exotic divided into a list of girl and boy names. Many people requested boy or girl name meanings and origins and were interested in ascertaining the most popular boy or girl names and how these have changed through the course of time.

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Many visitors requested that each boy and girl name section was accessible on one page - others requested a Indian Baby Names Dictionary. Name searches also included requests for the top names for boys and girls.

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Jabeen - forehead 
Jagadamba - mother of the universe 
Jagriti - vigilance 
Jahanara - queen of the world 
Jaheel - lake 
Jahnavi - Ganga river 
Jaishree - honour of victory 
Jaisudha - nectar of victory 
Jaiwanti - victory 
Jalabala - a river 
Jaladhija - Lakshmi 
Jalaja - lotus 
Jamini - night 
Jamna - Indian River
Jamuna - holy river 
Janaki - wife of Lord Rama; Sita 
Janani - Mother 
Janhavi - river Ganga 
Jasoda - mother of Lord krishna 
Jasodhara - mother of Lord Buddha 
Jaya - victory 
Jayalakshmi - the goddess of victory 
Jayalalita - victorious goddess Durga 
Jayamala - garland of victory 
Jayani - a sakti of Ganesha 
Jayanti - victorious 
Jayantika - Goddess Durga; Parvati 
Jayaprada - giver of victory 
Jayashree - the goddess of victory 
Jayashri - goddess of victory 
Jayati - victorious 
Jayita - victories 
Jeeval - full of life 
Jeevana - life 
Jeevankala - art of life 
Jeevanlata - creeper of life 
Jeevika - water 
Jetashri - a raga 
Jharna - a stream 
Jhilmil - sparkling 
Jhinuk - oyster 
Jigya - curiosity to know 
Joel - God 
Joshita - pleased 
Jowaki - a firefly 
Juhi - a flower 
Jui - a flower 
Juily - a flower 
Jyoti - flame; lamp 
Jyotibala - splendour 
Jyotika - light; a flame 
Jyotirmoyee - lustrous 
Jyotishmati - lustrous 
Jyotsna - moonlight
Jag - the universe
Jagadbandu - Lord Krishna 
Jagadeep - light of the world 
Jagadhidh - lord of the world 
Jagadish - lord of the universe 
Jagajeet - conquerer of the world 
Jagajeevan - life of the world 
Jaganmay - spread over the universe
Jagannath - Lord Vishnu; lord of the world 
Jagat - the universe
Jagjeevan - worldly life
Jagmohan - one who attracts the world 
Jahan - the world 
Jaichand - victory of the moon
Jaidayal - victory of kindness 
Jaidev - god of victory 
Jaigopal - victory of Lord Krishna 
Jaikrishna - victory of Lord krishna
Jaimini - an ancient philosopher 
Jainarayan - victory
Jaipal - Lord Brahma 
Jairaj - lord of victory
Jaisal - famous folk 
Jaisukh - joy of winning
Jaiwant - victory 
Jalal - glory
Jalendu - moon in the water 
Jalil - revered
Janak - father of Sita; creator 
Janamejay - a mJanardan - Lord Vishnu
Janardan - one who helps people 
Japa - chanting 
Japendra - lord of chants-Lord Shiva
Japesh - lord of chants-lord Shiva 
Jasbeer - victorious hero
Jashan - celebration 
Jaspal - Lord Krishna
Jasraj - king of fame 
Jasveer - hero of fame 
Jaswant - victorious
Jatan - nurturing
Jatin - pertaining to a saint 
Javed - immortal Jawahar
Jawahar - jewel 
Jayadeep - light of victory 
Jayaditya - victorious sun 
Jayant - victorious 
Jayashekhar - crest of victory 
Jaysukh - pleasure of victory 
Jeemutbahan - full of life
Jeevan - life 
Jehangir - Akbar's son
Jhoomer - ornament 
Jignesh - curiosity to research
Jihan - the world 
Jinendra - lord of life 
Jishnu - triumphant 
Jitendra - lord of conquerers 
Jivitesh - God
Jnyandeep - light of knowledge 
Jnyaneshwar - god of wisdom 
Joginder - Lord Shiva 
Jogindra - Lord Shiva
Jograj - Lord Krishna
Jugnu - a firefly 
Jusal - pari
Jyotichandra - splendour 
Jyotiprakash - splendour of the flame
Jyotiranjan - joyous flamae 
Jyotirdhar - holder of the flame
Jyotirmoy - lustrous  

Indian Baby Names Dictionary

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